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La`Shaj`: News

What's Going On New - April 13, 2009

We know that you all been wondering whats going on with La'shaj' yeah It's been now three years since you all have heard anything new... Well he had been working with other artist producing and composing there music and guess what he has also been in the studio working on his own music which he is planning on putting out two CD 's this year so believe us when we tell you all that we are looking very forward to hearing his new project's so be looking forward to hearing his clips very soon..... remerber to sign La'Shaj' 's guestbook so we can see who's been checking him always we would like to give our thanks to all of you from... La'Shaj' Records


Guess what? While you all are enjoying the new release, You Are Like Diamonds, La`Shaj` is already in the studio working on his next CD, Can You Feel Me, which will be an instrumental CD. This will let his fans check out his musical moods and expressions. He is expecting it to be released within in the next two months. But, in the meantime, You Are Like Diamonds is selling like crazy. Just the feel of it being done without a lot of studio effects and really putting the listener in the front row is the effect he wanted to achieve. It was very chancy, but that's what he wanted to do. Suprisingly, it is doing very well on the market. La`Shaj` wants to say Thanks to all who have supported this CD. Catch it while it's HOT, y'all. You Are Like Diamonds.

Hot New Smooth Music - April 12, 2006

You should know that there Is a new CD out there by La` is so smooth and relaxing and enjoyable we think that you all well feel the same once you here it. Just lay back and chill with a nice glass of wine.Are just hit the highway and take the ride with LA` Shaj` this is must have CD.We hope you ENJOY IT THE SAME WAY WE HAVE....

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