LaShaj was born in Gary, Indiana and raised in Dallas, Texas. There he was surrounded by people that were very influential in the music industry, such as Robert (GOODIE) Whitfield. Robert Whitfield inspired him so much as a kid to learn how to become a musician and composer. Along with the entire Whitfield Family, such as his brother Donald, his sisters Deborah & Karen and especially his Uncle Danny Whitfield. Growing up in a city like Dallas, There were other influential artists in the area, such as Johnny Taylor, Phyllis Hyman, and Willie Hutch. Other mentors outside "Big D" were people like Al Green, The Gap Band, Ronnie Laws, Debbie Laws, Leon Russell, Norman Connors, DJ Rogers, Stevie Wonder and many others that gave him the inspiration for his calling in life. For overĀ 29 years, he has dedicated so much of his life to succeed in such a demanding business. And as they say, "There is light at the end of the tunnel". So Be looking out for the CD (You Are Like Diamonds) LaShaj started off playing with his own band LaShaj and the Midnight Jamming Band at the age of 24. Prior to then, he taught himself how to play several different instruments. And along the way became a singer/songwriter. He later became a producer, composer, and music arranger for many local artists in Dallas, he has written for some abroad, and also some within the Midwest region. So LaShaj feels as though this is his time to break out with his own new material and to let the world hear his sounds and his thoughts from his heart, soul, and mind.....Buckle up and get ready for the ride!!...............And I also would love to thank people that also inspired me towards hanging in here. The Artist PRINCE, MORRIS DAY, ALEXANDER O'NEAL, SOUL TO SOUL, AND OF COURSE (SANANDA MAITERYA). I SEE YOU STILL DOING YOUR THING.KEEP ON WITH THE KEEPING ON..YOU HAVE REALLY INSPIRED ME TO KEEP ON WITH IT (YOUR FRIEND) LA' SHAJ' KEEP INSPIRING THOSE THAT ARE OUT THERE TRYING SO HARD TO DO THIS THING LA' SHAJ'